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Movie Night - 9-30-05 || Mod Post

Tonight is the second installment of movie night, as well as our grand opertunity to have a meeting of sorts over a few things that have been brought up.

Next time around there will be a post the night or day after the movie night, in which members can respond and offer to host the next one held. There will also be a reactions post (Ky, you get to start that one) where content of the movie itself and discussion regarding that will be posted. By Wednesday there will be a post confirming where we are to meet, what we will watch, and what everyone's bringing.

As for tonight, we will meet in the Sudent Center at 6:30 in order to conduct a short meeting. Mitchel has offered to host this time around, so afterwords we'll be following him to his place and commence anime. :3

This format will apply after tonight, so if you could, please respond in Angel's post confirming that you are coming and what you are bringing for foodage.

Hope to see you all tonight~
-Grandmaster Alchemist Zoe
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Going to start that discussion post tonight after we watch Castle in the Sky, seeing as you can tie it in with Nauseicaa. :D
Dude, next Friday is my birthday. XD
Yeah, but could we have it on Thursday? Ryan has already expressed that he wants to come to these evnts, but can't on Fridays because of work.
I figure we can talk about that at the meeting thing we'll have before heading off. We can come to a decision there about it, as we'll have everyone gathered. :D

Deleted comment

I messed with the layout a bit, but it's subject to change. I think Ky and I agree that we ought to have something a bit more encompassing than FMA and Naruto, but it's all I have right now. D: My photoshop just died on me.