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Okay! One week ago and last night most of us watched four films by Studio Gibli.
What did you guys think? Which one was your favorite and why, was it the characters? The animation? The plot?
Which film did you think was the most political and give some exmaples, also, take a look at the kinds of cultures depicted in the films. What do you think they're based off of? Which one did you like best?

I honestly think Nausicaa and Castle in the Sky were politcal comentaries against war. It's blatantly obvious in the ways they're protrayed - ultimately looking out for the best of their respective countries, but going about it in all the wrong ways.
In Nausicaa, you can compare the Tolmekians with America; they attack another country in a "preemptive strike" to keep others from attaining the giant and using it for war. Or at least, Lady Kushana's reason for stealing the giant was that. Perhaps she wanted to use it to take over her country and start a new regime, then use the giatn to destroy the forest like she said in her speech to the people of the Valley.
Pedjait (or however you spell it *laughs*) could be compared to Egypt, or some other relatively peaceful country. I'm none to sure on Egyptian views on community and country, but the Pedjait culture is very similar to a communist country (without the dictator, that we know of :D) with a lot of Arabic themes to it.

Castle in the Sky takes a stab at the military and various government agencies in general - the main badguy being Muska, a secret service agent of sorts who's gone batshit with the need for power. The geeral of the military is actually a rather good general in my opinion, he does (or tries to do) what's best for his men and the country at the same time. He makes a stand against Muska when the raving lunatic takes over Laputa to try and stop him, and even though the militaries initial involvment with this was dubious, it was still a good one. They may have been greedy, and wanting Laputian technology for their own, but don't all governments do that? Not only for power, but for the people as well.

There's more to my own opinions, but I'm rather pressed for time, so I'll let the rest of you make your own points. :D

Also, FOXSQUIRRELS! And I found that Nausicaa actualy has four manga that follow the movie loosely. Oooh, want to buy.

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