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Don't know if anyone's seen it, but tonight starting at 5PM there's an anime/game/sci-fi club meeting in the Stark Commons. It'll be held in the same place tomorrow, but for those of us who had time, it wouldn't hurt to pay them a little visit and see if we can be of any use or help.

Also! Let's have a little poll. Which would you prefer:
A) Movie night every week, which would include little time for everyone to plan or ask for the specific night off and lots of money concerning food. (There's no way in hell we'd run out of things to watch, but think about this: Do any of us have a huge or exstensive anime collection? Anime's exspensive, not all of us can buy a new/already released series for us to watch each week.)
B) Movie night every two weeks - which will give us more time to plan ahead and will also be less of a strain on the pockets. Or
C) Movie night held twice a month, on specific days set a month or two ahead of time, where everyone clearly writes out what they're going to bring and/or chip in, plenty of time to ask for the night off, as well as allowing the club to do some side work as well. Meaning, official movie nights will held by the club, and if any member would like to host their own that's not on the schdeule, they can (this could also work for Choice B - we need some discussion on this).

I know some of you are irked because of the movie night hiatus, but we need feedback from all of you. So please, comment.

My personal vote is for C. For one, I don't exactly have enough money to supply food for five odd some people every single week. That money is better off going towards art supplies. Also, school work may get in the way or I have work that night. Choice C allows me extra time to know when I should get my work done, what nights I should ask off for, and enough time to amass some good snacks for everyone.
Any side movie nights hosted by other members would be a sort of treat for me. ;D

ETA: Results

So far we have six votes, all for C (as I know B and C are very similar, but there's some differences. ;D). Seems like most are in agreement for not having Movie Night every week. Very good. A post will be made later for voting on what days/nights we should host them and who wishes to volunteer their room for it.

- High Priest Ky
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Non biased voting choices, of course?

Hah, but anyhow, I think we ought to have them planned in advance. C is just like B, though, once every two weeks and twice a month is about the same... timewise, you just made a point to have it planned further in C.

But uh... yeah.
I totally think we should do the DDR and sushi night next movie night. I shall host it, just need a date. I'll look further into that and organizing it and all later tonight.
Of course non-biased. :D~
I was thinking that Movie Nights could be a separate function from events like that. I have no clue. x__x We need more feedback and activity-community wise from the members.

Deleted comment

Awesome! Thanks for bringing it to our attentions. (Sadly, I cannot go, for I am anti-social and also have prior plans. ;o; )
I'm thinking that Movie Nights and Comm Events will be different, Events can be held more often and such, or vice versa. XD I need more feedback from everyone and some open discussion.
Since B and C seem to be about the same I'm going to go with C. Mostly because we'll have it already scheduled in advance.

But I do have a question, will we continue to rotate who hosts movie nights if we go with choice C?? Because I think thats a good idea plus one person wouldn't be stuck having to host it all the time. If we could get the common room in either Stark or Guinn that would be cool too.

And if anyone went to the meeting in Stark let me know so I can see if I want to go to it tomorrow or not.

Of course! As much as I'd like to cop-out and not have to bring food by hosting in my room all the time it wouldn't be fair to others ( ;D ), my room mate, as well as be very dull if we were to meet their all the frikin time. I seem to have the most chairs though. *snicker*
If you'd like to host a night, just gimme a time and what we'll watch and we can ask the community as a whole on what day it should be scheduled.
I choose C.

C, plzkthx. :3
W00tage. One more.
Yeah, C.
XD Yaaay, unanimous votes.
I vote c. however my times are horrible. as i work monday wednesday and friday nights...always.
I vote for B, I am willing to host movie nights on Thursdays anytime.