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Halloween Movie Night

Sorry for not posting this sooner. :D;;

Date: 10.31.05
Time: 4:00pm
Place: Chelsie's Room - Stark 4D1
Anime: Hellsing

Be sure to RSVP by posting a comment telling us if you're coming and what you intend to bring. If you're male, be sure to contact Chelsie prior so we can get you checked in; as there aren't any males living in Stark, and it's a tad harder to sneak you in unnoticed. Unless of course you intend to crossdress for Halloween, which you know we'd all so totally go for.
Edit: Actually, how about we all meet in stark commons first, so we can manage checking in the guys and such. Ky and I'll be there early if we can.

Come in costume, if I have my way we'll be totally going out afterwords and making sure that tomorrow the school'll be in an uproar about findings of 'demonic and/or satanic and/or evil!paganistic drawings'. Or we could just like. Trick-or-treat. Since we should be done by 10pm if we start at 4pm.

Also, as there's been a few issues on which foods to bring, how much to bring, ect, we've decided to put up a few guidelines to make everything fair.

Basic guidelines:
- Driks, snacks, food-food, candy*, and any sort of Japanese version to any of these are the basics.
- A good price range, to make things fair, is $5-$10 dollars. Depending on the food, it might be more or less expensive to gather enough to feed all of us, but just go with what you can afford.
- Food must be pre-prepared if needing to be so before eating.
- Uneaten food is to be taken back with you.

* Since it's halloween night, you're all encouraged to bring a thing of candy with your food/drink item so we can all exchange amongst ourselves and be merry.

So, here is the list of who's coming and what they're bringing, as an at-a-glance for those too lazy to skim the comments. Oh, and sign your comments, I don't know who half you people are yet.

[*] Zoe || Sodas (If anyone wants to split the cost on these with me, feel free to ask.)
[*] Krystal || Chocolate Chip Cookies
[*] Angel || Sugar Cookies
[*] Mitchel || Pocky and Jelly things
[*] Ky || Copious ammounts of candy
[*] Chelsie || Pizza (Another food item that can have the cost split between two people. :D)
[*] Ryan || Chips
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