Kyarorin (darknessdivine) wrote in animenophilia,

Reminder! Halloween Movie Night.

Date: 10.31.05
Time: 4:00pm (showing will start at 4:30 or so)
Place: Chelsie's Room - Stark 4D1
Anime: Hellsing

Remember! We'll be meeting in the Stark Commons at 4pm Monday to check in the guys and the go up to Chelsie's room for Hellsing and possibly Nightmare before Chrsitmas as well as Petshop of Horrors. Please bring the food you agreed to bringing, also, since there will be wuite a few people in the room, whoever wants to help me lug my chairs all the way to Stark and back please meet come with me after everyone else leaves for Chelsie's room.
For those of you coming late, just come straight up to her room whenever you get there. We won't bite.

And for those who don't remember what they're bringing, or if you think you've got the same idea as someone else.. The food list is here.
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