[Z] (zyraxus) wrote in animenophilia,

Meeting Topic Voting~

Things discussed previous meeting:
- Meetings to be made more consistant (Every other week good?)
- Upcoming meetings
--- Ninja'ng
--- DDR and Sushi night (I'll look into reserving stark commons if possible)
--- Porn night (We'll have something for everyone)
--- Neko night (CATS the musical, Fruits Basket, and neko ears)
--- Gundam night (Since Ryan has all things Gundam, and Gundam is damn cool)

The tentative date for our next meeting is Friday December 2nd, but I'm not sure on the school break or exam schedual for everyone, thus why I say tentative.

Vote here what you want to do next, and also post if there's something you don't see that you think we ought to get together and do. :3
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