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Ky and I are not going to be able to show for the Ninjaing tonight; her parents moved to San Antonio, and the cats that live in their back yard weren't able to be caught before they had to head down. So, Ky and I are making a trip to Granbury to attempt to catch the little feckers--and if successful: we're driving them down to San Antonio.

So, instead of meeting in my room, you should probably meet in the commons. Guinn or Stark, one or the other. Once you've congregated, you can send someone up to my room to retrieve the chalk. I left a note with my roomate telling her to let one of you take the chalk down with yee.

Sorry about this, it was an unforseen hinderance to our participation. Hope you all have fun; and try not to get arrested~! :D

Edit: Well damn. Did anyone make it?
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