Kila (spitfire_fae) wrote in animenophilia,

Movie Night tomorrow....

Ok well I'm not sure how many people have been looking at the posts but I offered to host a movie night tomorrow. (Thursday 26)

Ryan will bring Howl's Moving Castle, Tenjo Tenge and Fruits Basket

We'll meet at 6:30 in the Stark Commons, to check people in, and go up to my room at 7:00.

Room: 18A4

If no one is able to come then I can schedual it for another night.

If you can come, PLEASE post what you're going to bring.

I'll have cups and plates in my room, Dr. Pepper too if needed.
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Would like to comment with, I cannot make it tomorrow night (bogged down with homework, wee!)
Thats ok...thanks for letting me know! ^_^ Good luck with the homework! ^_^


January 26 2006, 02:07:13 UTC 11 years ago

I'll be there. I think I'll bring a couple of pizzas to.
Sorry, that's my previous comment. I forgot to log in.
hehe thats ok! ^_^
I'm coming, I'll bring chips.