Kyarorin (darknessdivine) wrote in animenophilia,

Reaction Post: Advent Children

So.. what did everyone think? I know most of your didn't really know a lot about the game in the first place, but do some research.

Animation? Rendering? Characters? Character interaction? What where the prevalent themes in the film? How did you feel about them?

Mod Announcement:

Alright! I know Chelsie has offered to host a Movie Night during Halloween (Monday on the 31st), and until then, there will not be another one. We're going to go on a little Hiatus until we can get some things more coherent; so really read the mod posts, as posting access for all members has been taken.
We really, really need to make some things more cohesive, so until then. Please reread the rulles and check over all Mod Posts.

- High Priest Ky
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