Kyarorin (darknessdivine) wrote in animenophilia,

Movie Night Reactions Post: Hellsing.

So aside from Walter saying that he's a real woman and female vampires apparently being able to multi-task quite well, what did everyone think about Zoe's $13 dollar bootlegs?
Highly entertaining, in my opinion.

Been trying to look up what a Royal Warder is for Krystal, but it seems that the makers of Hellsing just made that up, or, it could be acredited to Chinese translations. General confusion aside, Hellsing is quite a fun and happy anime. (There are, however, Yeoman Warders who take care of the Tower of London and there seems to be a Canadian Warding ceremony that I didn't look into, eh.)
Girl meets vampire, vampire shoots her in the chest, girl becomes pet vampire for a multi-million dollar demolitions agency, and much religious violation occurs.
Crack out your thinking caps and discuss! As in, read everyone else comments and if you have something to add/counter, please do. I love reading what you all think about it. ^_^
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Hellsing was pretty cool. I didn't like how they left the series on a cliffhanger. For $13 bootlegs they had a pretty good quality.
Meh its ok that you couldn't find anything. I loved Hellsing!!! (even though I missed parts of it)It was just soo cool!!! Kinda wish it wasn't a cliffhanger though. *sigh* oh well. As for the defiantly made for some funny scenes when the subtitles didn't match what was going on. ^_^

Hm. Well, as things usually go, I got lost pretty easily. I remember watching the Hellsing dub over at Katy's house to find that things suddenly made sense they way that they translated everything.

I know there's some main theme to the series. I know that there's some great underlying something to it... but without comprehendable subtitles, I'm not able to find out what. :D;

But what the hell, there was blood, sex, gay, boobs, vampires, and guns all in one anime. I'd say it was pretty well-rounded.