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Animenophiles Anonymous
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Welcome to Animenophiles Anonymous - a group for the poor isolated Rofltaku of Texas Woman's University to meet, comiserate, rant and share ideas about the seemingly innocent type of entertainment that has enveloped their souls. From hardcore YAOI to the flowery and romance ridden Shoujo Manga, anything goes in this quaint little community. However, a few standard rules to apply.

..:TO JOIN:..

For starters, if one wishes to join Animenophiles Anon. one must be a registered student at Texas Woman's University. After one defeats that first obstacle, one must either email or meet with the Grandmaster Alchemist (Zoe) or the High Priest (Ky) with proof that one is indeed a student, fill out one's common anime interests, and await one's application for approval (in the case that one is meeting with the Grandmaster or High Priest, one will then converse with them over these things and add one to the community list).
When one emails the Hight Priest or Grandmaster, one must first put their name, age, gender, favorite anime genre, and favorite series.

Ky can be contacted at: darkdivine @ gmail.com
Zoe can be contacted at: zoaerlys @ gmail.com

Do read them, they are your friend.

1. Do be polite and considerate to other community members.
2. Do use proper grammar, spelling, and a modicrum of intelligence when posting.
3. Do use an LJ cut if one is posting possible spoilers for a game/anime/manga/book/movie/whathaveyou.
4. Do use correct warnings and labels if one is posting fanart or fanfics, and do put them behind a LJ-cut as they may be long or nonworksafe.
5. Pimping of other communities shall be permitted only if it pertains to the post (ie. one posts about the series Black Cat and has found a Black Cat community and wishes for more ot join).
6. Off Topic posting will not be permitted, unless it pertains to books, movies and/or Western conventions that have gained popularity in Japan.

Failure to follow these six simple rules will result in one being banned temporarily from hte community for two weeks at a time. If one persists in engaging in illegal activities in the community threads three consecutive times one will be permanently banned from Animenophiles Anon. for all eternity.

..:Movie Nights/Conventions/Contests:..

As TWU is a small canpus Movie Nights will be scheduled ahead of time when all or most members of AA can be present. One member of AA will suggest a genre, series, or work by a particular artist and then host said movie night in their dorm/house. All other participating members must bring forth items of sustenance such as pizza, pocky, ramune and nori maki(to appease the Grandmaster and High Priest).

Anime conventions will be met with much flailing, panicking and overall mucking about until someone manages to pull finances, transportation and food stuffs from their collective asses.
To be put simply: anime conventions will rarely be a group event unless all members are willing to put forth enough money towards renting a room for more than one night, food stuffs, gas, and four cases of Extra Strength Tylenol for the High Priest. If such an event does happen and AA does foray into the con-world as group, all members are expected to act like adults on the drive to and from said convention. All members are also expected to be polite and considerate to one another. The Community As A Whole is also expectd to have fun. Failure to meet any of these expectations will be expunged from the community, afterall, would one want to put up with a wet blanket for three days straight in tight living spaces and compact rooms that smell of B.O.?

From time to time contests may be held in the halls of AA - be it for art, fanfiction, t-shirts, flyers, cosplay, or best cooking. The rewards will be minimal and the contests mainly held for the sheer hell of it.

IN OTHER WORDS, we're all legal adults in this community. We're also college students attending a college that is not known for its parties and wild beer guzzling competions. This is a small, diverse and beautiful campus and if you can't put up with one another for differences in preferences and attitudes you have no place here. Rudeness, flames, bashing and general stupidity and immaturity will not be tolerated.